Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A lIttle Update!

First day and no tears!!!! This is huge if you Kaylin or me for that matter, last year we both cried.

Bike Riding
"I'm done, this hill is too hard"

She did so good and even though she feel a couple times, don't worry Stefan caught her, she never hit the ground, she kept going and tried so hard to ride by her self. I am so proud of her effort.

BTW this beautiful baby Kaylin is holding is another reason for the aforementioned baby lust. She is my newest niece, born Aug. 24 and I can't get enough, at least I can live vicariously through Cindy's baby with out the reality of all the work.

First Day school
She is so ready to start school and was so disappointed that she didn't get to take a lunch and stay on the first day, it was meat the teacher and go home day.

School is in full swing and we are all adjusted to the new routine, except Alyssa, she wants to go to school every day; just wait little one your day will come and one day you will not like it so much. I am loving this rotation in nursing school, it is the OB/PEDS rotation and it is great. I could not have asked for a better clinical instructor and if I can't be with my school pals this clinical group is the next best thing, really I love everything about school right now. I am growing in my confidence as a nurse and learning a lot, which I am sure will be brought back down to reality once I actually get a job. I know i say this each semester, but I think I found or refound my calling. Ever since I decided to be a nurse and go back to school I wanted to do labor and delivery or postpartum except last semester when I wanted to go to CRNA school, but what was I thinking, really that is so not realistic with two kids and a husband. And now I am back in love with L/D and postpartum, the more I learn about it and the more time I spend there the more I love it and want to do it. Did I mention that all this baby stuff is having a common and powerful side effect on me, the baby lust, yes I want another on so bad. There, I said it I want another baby! For some of you that is a shock and for some you already know. But either way well see if it passes or not.
On another note, kaylin finally got her bike and is learning to ride without training wheels. the first time went good, she didn't give up and really tried and gave it her all. She is two weeks into soccer and I am supper excited for the games to start. Alyssa is desperate to walk to go school and go everyday. Every time we get ready to go to her school she wants to walk, which by the way would be a 7 mile walk (not happening) and when Stefan leaves to take Kaylyn she wants to know why she can't go to everyday. Oh to be young and naive, one day she will dread school but i hope not soon enough and that she always has this level of excitement for it.


andy said...

that is so cool that you both made it through the first day with no tears!!! cant get over how big kaylin is getting! riding a bike now without training wheels....sheeesh!! and then theres alyssa...school already....dang. i feel like im missing them growing up. miss ya and love ya
ps give kaylin and alyssa a BIG hug from the favorite uncle!!!

✿.:DiXiE:.✿ said...

First: WHAT???!!!!!!!!!!! A BABY???!!!! LoL...do it!!! That's awesome you guys are getting back into the swing of things...I can't wait to see you guys!!!